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Vetri MaleDetti

At Genninger Studio in Venice Italy, Leslie Genninger has created a unique collection of seven Murano glass compositions or  totems constructed from a collage of antique Murano glass forms and objects combined with an inscription of a Venetian Proverb, entitled “Vetri Male-Detti”. These historical Murano Glass elements are from Leslie's personal collection which she compiled over the last 25 years while working on Murano on a variety of projects with some of the greatest Murano Glass Masters, Artist and glass factories. The Venetian Proverbs or “detti”, inscribed on heavy black iridescent spheres, are poetic in their Venetian language, universal in their meaning, yet juxtapose with the delicate fragile transparent glass pieces created by past generations of some of the great Murano Glass Masters. With these “Vetri Male-Detti” Leslie creates a unique dialogue of a universal dilemma: noble heritages and  fading traditions of  generations past become a defunct force against an omnipotent technological future.

Each sculpture is inscribed with

an ancient Venetian Proverb or “detto”  which is both universal and relevant in it's message, and unique

in caricature and personality. 

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